An Educational Program Created By James Campanas


Welcome to the site of "The Alternate Power Calculator."

Alternate Power Calculator 2.6.2 Beta is now available for testing.

I found an error in my program. If you do not put a value in the top input box of "AC load wattage", an incorrect value is given. You cannot leave the top box open and add values to lower boxes.

The newest version of the program has the following features:

DC to AC power inverter size calculator
DC cable size calculator
DC load size calculator
AC load size calculator
Battery bank size calculator
Solar panel size calculator
Wind turbine size calculator
Micro hydro size calculator
Appliance Energy Cost Calculator
Inverter Load Game
Inverter Troubleshooting Guide
Outback Power Systems' part numbers
Xantrex Prosine part numbers
Xantrex TRUEcharge battery charging times.

*** Works with MS Vista, but some click buttons may be distorted.

Before I made the "Alternate Power Calculator," I experimented with MS Excel and logic formulas. I have uploaded a copy of one of my experiments. Feel free to download it and use the formulas as you seem fit. Enjoy!!!

If anyone has any comments regarding the efficiency or formulas used in the program, drop me an email.

The program one other known issue. Some inputs for the calculator require a specific format. All decimal values less than "1" will require "0" placed in front of the decimal. i.e. 0.59. Also, all integers must have a decimal and "0" placed after it. i.e. 1.0 or 5.0.

The program is one of my hobbies and it is still free to download.

Please download a FREE copy of my calculator at the link below. The program is a zip file. If you have any concerns about downloading the file, please send me an email to arrange other means of delivery.

The programs are FREEWARE.


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